Roshan’s Friends (R.F) is a private non profit organization started by Lars Jensen in collaboration with Hari Dharel and Roshan Subedi in 1996.

Since 1998 we have been supporting two villages in the remote Chepang Gaun area. We provide medicine and school material on a regular basis. In the uppermost village the people are very poor and they are former honey hunters. Since they had to go several hours to get water, we laid a pipeline for water and provided them with water. We provide the water for the village on an annual basis for 50,000 Nrs.

When we first came to the area there was no school, no teacher, and only one man could read and write. They had to go for 4 hours to reach school and 4 hours to get back to  home again, so that was out of the question.

We have built a school with 3 classrooms and are building 2 more classrooms from October 2005. The community builds the extra rooms. We cover the costs of materials including furniture.

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Lars Mathiesen


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